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The sun is just a big bully anyway
A bit inconsiderate wet baby
That everyone oh's and ah's at
Because it's the only one
That lights up their sky.

Venus is like the neglected child,
The baby's older sister
But nobody cares about her
She can't be measured by innocence anymore
When compared to her younger sister

Mercury is the bully brother
He pretends not to care
That nobody cares about him
But he does, and it's obvious

Earth is the talented kid
But he has no control over his life
His talents control him
Sometimes he just wants to hide

Mars is the freak of the family
Always being watched
Because nobody trusts
What they don't really know

Jupiter is just the big rich one
He has a scar, sure
But it's a small price to pay
He's really just hot gas

Saturn is only known by connection
The crowd she surrounds herself with
The center of the crowd
But nobody really understands her

Neptune thinks he's all cool
But he's not so much
Nobody really cares about him
But he still tries

Uranus. No words to describe him
His name is enough
He's full of poop
And he knows it

As for Pluto
Don't worry about him
He's happy to be out of this place
Now he can fly away,
Out of orbit
At least I'm happy with the ending. The rest, not so much.
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February 17, 2012
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